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9b367c8a-7661-46dd-842b-cec1f726fd9fFor the first time, in 34 years, a vegan salad was the winner of the “Caesar Salad Competition”

The winning salad managed to preserve the traditional flavors of a Caesar Salad but with completely vegan ingredients.

I never thought that a salad without the favorite ingredients in Texas like cheese and other animal proteins could win this competition,” said Chef Benoit Coquand of the Culinary Institute Lenotre, winner of the most creative categorie of the 34th annual release “Caesar Salad Competition”.

The Caesar Salad Competition is the longest-running culinary competition of its kind in Houston, founded and produced by the Houston Food & Beverage Managers Association. In the Competition, sixteen restaurants, bars, hotels, businesses, and breweries went head to head for the distinguished honor.

This recipe is completely vegan, so it does not have any of the ingredients of a traditional Caesar salad but it still maintains its flavors. As a chef and professor of cuisine, I am proud to see that the food industry continues to change and grow to achieve a healthier lifestyleโ€, added Chef Coquand, who was born in Grenoble, France, and arrived in Houston four years ago to work as a teacher at the Culinary Institute Lenotre.

Among the ingredients used to replace the traditional flavors in the sauce is the cashew and the flavor of the anchovies was replaced by a marinated eggplant. Likewise, the popular Parmesan cheese from the Cesar salad was made from nuts.